Frequently asked questions about our consultancy services

Please find below a collection of our clients‘ frequently asked questions. We hope to be able to provide you with the answers to your most important questions in this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a face-to-face consultancy. Just give us a call!

Is an energy consultancy worthwhile?

Definitely yes. For the more than 1000 customers advised by us, the average savings achieved were 5 to 6 %. In some individual cases, savings of more than 50 % were possible.

What guarantees can you give?

Thanks to many years of consulting experience, we can guarantee that we will find saving potentials also in your company.

We are a DIN EN 50001 certified company. Does an additional energy consultancy make sense?

Yes, and there are several reasons. The frameworks of energy management and energy politics are constantly changing. Suddenly, measures become economically attractive that were formerly dismissed due to their long payback periods. Additionally, the energy needs of companies sometimes change (expansion/reduction of the production, altered product range, location merger, etc.). Every energy consultant also has their own perspective: we follow a holistic approach in order to use interdependencies and synergies.

How is the energy consultancy process?

Our experts assess your company’s entire energy supply and usage. The energetic status quo is determined and – based on this – measures to increase energy efficiency are developed. These approaches are described and evaluated, according to their technical feasibility. The profitability of these measures is analyzed and the payback period is estimated. The individual measures are then specified in a list of priorities, together with an indication of investments and savings.

What distinguishes eta from low-cost companies?

Contrary to the methods used by some of our competitors, we do not use standard spreadsheets. We provide you with a high-quality individual concept for reducing your energy costs.

When can we expect the results?

We put a strong emphasis on the permanent exchange with your staff, therefore we keep a continuous dialogue. This way you are always up to date about our approach and get to see intermediate results quickly. Even if you as a superior are not involved in the continuing optimization process, we will provide a monthly update on the project status. We will personally present the final results at the fixed date.

Why do you only offer energy consultancy for larger companies?

A solid consultancy by qualified experts comes at a price and needs to be proportionate to the achievable savings. Energy costs of smaller enterprises are usually too low to justify an extensive energy analysis. Nevertheless we also support smaller companies in their energy purchase and the analysis of selected individual measures, such as a cooling supply renewal or CHP planning.

May I contact your reference customers?

We live on recommendations by satisfied customers. Take a look at our references and ask us. We will gladly put you in touch with our liaison.

Are my data and information securely stored at your company?

The confidential treatment of all project-related data and information is a given at eta Energieberatung GmbH, which we will gladly confirm in a written NDA. Additionally we have taken all technical precautions to guarantee secure data transmissions.

Do you also sell energy technology?

No. We have deliberately limited ourselves to consultancy and planning to guarantee neutral and manufacturer-independent solutions. This way we can achieve macroeconomically optimized solutions for you.

Do you also implement the suggested measures?

The suggested measures range from organizational improvements up to concept for energy generation. Particularly with the energy concepts, we accompany our customers through the next steps (design, detailed planning and approval, calls for tenders, etc.).

Which fields do your consultancies cover?

Our consultancy covers all areas of energy supply and usage, from energy purchase to power generation and application, to the procurement of subsidies. Our experts are at your side, from the initial project idea to its implementation and beyond.

What qualifications do your employees have?

Our team consists mainly of experienced engineers (machine construction, electrical, and structural engineering, etc.), a legal expert, a technician, and the team assistants. All our experts have an excellent training, and receive further instruction continuously. Therefore, we can guarantee precise and qualified project handling in accordance with the state of the art and all applicable standards and regulations. For our solutions, we observe and follow holistic and sustainable approaches.

How can I get an impression of your services?

Under the menu item References on our home page, we have listed several examples of companies for which we have prepared energy concepts and/or analysed the measures taken to cut energy costs. We will be happy to put you in contact with the respective partners.

Where can I save energy in my company?

Weak points are often found in the energy infrastructure (generation and distribution) and in energy usage. Often, installations such as e.g. the compressed air supply have grown continuously, whereby their capacity is no longer matched to present requirements. Optimization potentials are also found in ventilation systems, lighting, cooling and heating (and their distribution), plus many other areas.

Our energy consulting services range from the preparation of feasibility studies, through assessment of individual measures, and up to the preparation of energy supply concepts or the implementation of energy management systems.

What does energy consultation cost?

There is no general answer to that. It depends on company size and the specific task to be solved. However, we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer at no charge. Before making an offer, we usually arrange a free visit to your site.  That enables our experts to obtain a precise impression of your facilities, and answer your specific questions in detail. You will then receive an offer that is precisely tailored to your needs and requests – and you have got to know us personally.

What are the benefits of energy consultancy?

Our consultancy’s aim is the analysis of starting points to reduce energy costs. Individual measures are summarized in a list of priorities, together with an indication of investments and savings, to provide you with a sound basis for decisions about the implementation of efficiency measures.

How long does energy consultancy take?

Based on the analysis of the status quo, measures for a more efficient energy usage are developed. In addition the description of the measures, the required implementation steps are pointed out. Individual measures and their potential savings are quantified and expectable implementation costs are estimated. The resulting measures are summarized in a catalogue of measures and listed according to priority.

Why energy consultany?

As an innovative engineering firm, our experts strive to reduce the energy costs of large companies to a minimum. Due to our long-standing expertise, we can guarantee the development of a concept for the exploitation of your energy savings potentials. We take the work off your shoulders so you can go on and concentrate on your daily business.

Our work aims at reducing your operating costs through efficient energy usage and intelligent power generation concepts, optimized energy purchase and the reduction of energy duties.

Will you be working on-site in our company?

Yes, depending on the scope of work. In contrast to some of our competitors, we do not offer standard solutions. We provide you with a top-level and individual concept for the reduction of your energy costs. This can only be achieved through a detailed evaluation of the energetic on-site conditions.