Energieberatung zur Effizienzsteigerung - Energieberatung Industrie

Energy consultation for higher efficiency

Energy losses are inevitable during transport, conversion, storage, and utilization of energy. These losses can be minimized by optimizing the individual processes, thereby increasing energy efficiency. This is also described as ‘more rational energy usage’.

Why should efficiency consultation also be of interest for me?

Regarding their core activities, many companies have an optimum setup. Usually, large amounts of money and know-how have been invested in the production facilities. Also the necessary personnel is available. But the energy infrastructure often presents a different picture. Here, the general assumption is that the necessary supply of energy must be ensured reliably. Frequently, energy optimization efforts are visible, but the technical personnel mostly does not have the time to work out and present these concepts to the decision makers.

Weak points are often found in the energy infrastructure (generation and distribution) and in energy usage.  Installations such as e.g. the compressed air supply have grown continuously, whereby their capacity is no longer matched to present requirements.

Optimization potentials are also found in systems for air conditioning, lighting, heating supply and distribution, cooling supply and distribution, as well as waste heat recovery.

With customers for whom we conducted energy consultancy for increased efficiency, the potential savings were between 5 and 6 %.

Our team consists mainly of experienced engineers (machine construction, electrical, and structural engineering, etc.), a legal expert, a technician, and the team assistants. All our experts have an excellent training, and receive further instruction continuously. Therefore, we can guarantee precise and qualified project handling in accordance with the state of the art and all applicable standards and regulations. For our solutions, we observe and follow holistic and sustainable approaches.

What can we do for you?

Take advantage of our energy consultation for increased efficiency, and open up your energy saving potentials for a lasting reduction of your energy consumption. Our energy efficiency experts will help you to find the relevant starting points, and assess their economic effects.